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The Relocation Operation's Journal
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Thursday, August 31st, 2006
6:38 pm
Got an urgent situation here.
My friend is really depressed and she was going to Stanford. She is blind and she is going to be living with my fiance and I, who are also blind, in Duluth Minnesota. She just sent in her leave of absense form today. She needs help moving out of Stanford in a couple weeks and finding room to store her things that she can't ship. She's planning on staying here with us for a year in Mn, but Stanford won't let her keep any of the stuff in the dorm. Do you know anyone who could help with shipping, boxing, any of that, or could you yourself? We have no one to help us and I don't honestly know what to do. My friend has to stay in Mn, because she's already been here for two weeks with my fiance and I and she can't leave the state, otherwise she won't qualify for Minnesota state insurance for a full thirty days when she gets back here. Right now, she's already got two weeks shaved off that time frame. She's on antidepressants and is off and on suicidal and she can't handle going back to Stanford and having to start the waiting to qualify for insurance over again. She can overnight the key to her room to anyone who can help out and would be glad to pay you back for shipping things, or anything. Please pass this along if you know anyone who can help out.
Thank You,
P.S. She doesn't have too much stuff, no like a whole Uhaul truckfull or anything.
Sunday, February 5th, 2006
8:18 pm
Well this community doesn't seem to have ever been in use, but I shall post in case someone comes by in the future and finds it useful. I have been planning on moving out of Sacramento, California for almost 2 years. Originally the plan was to move to San Diego. After a lot of research, I decided this was not the right city for me. Tow reasons, and the only two really good ones, are the lack of humidity or rain & height cost of living. Rent isn't too much higher there, as a region, than it is in Sacramento. But the reason I survive here is because I live so far out of the city. I want to live IN the city if I live in San Diego. It just doesn't all fit.

So I have instead decided on Portland Oregon. This is about the same distance from my home town, but in the opposite direction. Cost of living is slightly lower and median income is higher, than in my home town. However, median income is higher due to the healthy tech industry. So all in all, it seems comparable to where I'm at, no big difference financially. But the climate and the culture is where it's at. I went to findmyspot.com and the site confirmed for me that this choice was right.

So I had been to Portland before, and went again a few times after I had it in my head to move there. Please, please go to the place you plan on moving. Don't just move somewhere based on what you read online or in a book.

The primary reason I'm posting now is to outline my moving to-do list. This is a fearful process and having a time-line is all that's keeping me from pissing my pants. I share mine with you and welcome any suggestions.

4-6 Months in advance
Clean out your crap - this will make things start to seem real, don't worry if you are a little lenient, you'll be doing it a gain later.
Research moving company rates & choose a company - you can get estimates online and if you are sure of your move date, go ahead and reserve a truck. My advice is to avoid U-Haul.
Birth Certificate - Make sure you have a copy, or start working on getting a copy, with the official seal on it, this can take a while so start early.
Transfer - Find out policies for you current company on transferring, if applicable.

4 Months in advance
Begin Job search
Begin rental search (or new home search if you plan on buying)

3 Months in advance
Reserve truck - Now if you are moving during the summer, you can wait a bit longer if moving during non-peak season
Boxes - Start collecting from work, local retail, box supply stores, what-have-you, you can't have enough boxes.

2 Months in advance
Physical - Visit your doctor while your are still ensured. Get Refills on all of your prescriptions.
Medical records - after your visit, order your medical records, these are for your own files, you new doctors should be able to get them themselves, but this is a precaution.
Garage Sale - Get rid of your crap again, and this time it's also furniture and any keepsakes that are actually crap in disguise
Start packing - You heard me. The keepsakes that aren't crap get packed up now, non-seasonal clothing, unnecessary linens (that you decided not to get rid of, hint hint),
Stop buying non-perishables - eat up what you've got so there's less to move
Begin your deep cleaning - You want that deposit back right?
Bank - Transfer your account to a national chain, unless you're with one already.
Make Packing List - Seems simple, but you should know what's going in the truck first and what goes in last (think in opposites for how you'll want to unload it) also you are making a 'no-pack' list for your 'carry on' items, more on this later.

1 month in advance
Pay off Utilities - Bills are evil, especially when you don't get them because you've moved and then you have bill collectors on you
Return Rentals - Movies, cable/dsl modems, furniture, whatever, don't want to forget this later and have fees
Schedule utilities change - schedule the turn off date for your utilities here, and the turn on date there.
Forward Mail - Change of address w/ the post-office
Cell Phone - Time to figure this out, Cingular has a national plan, I'm looking forward to the switch being easy/peasy myself.
Oil change - If you have a car, and you're driving it there, this is a very good idea.
Reserve parking & elevator - if applicable, so they are available when you move out/in

Moving Time
Finish last bit of packing, save for your no-pack list - the vacuum should be the last thing you pack.
Load up the truck & go

Post Move
Inspect the place for damage - BEFORE you start moving your crap in, so they can't blame it on you now or later
Unpack boxes & furniture - put them in the right room to begin with and you'll save yourself a lot of heart-ache
Update all websites - Yup, the fun part, updating your contact information on all of the websites and with all of the companies that need it. This includes your former employer, you want those W-2's and bonus checks don't you?
Registration - Licence, car, insurance, etc. - See your state laws for when to do this.

No-Pack list (I'm still working mine out, so I may have forgotten something):
Bottled Water
Paper towels
A set of plastic plates, cups, utensils (for the trip & for your first night or two)
Other mandatory toiletries
lotion - remember, new climate (most likely)
pain reliever
3-4 days of clothes - so you don't have to dig for them if they're buried
weather gear - you never know
box cutter - don't forget this one or you'll be running out to to the hardware store cause you can't get into your crap.

Well that's it for now. I'd love to hear back. Or not. Whatever.

Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
6:35 pm

i just created this community today, hopefully it sparks some interest for those of you wanting to move to ny! :)

5:45 pm
hey.. i just joined this community.. im sad to see that its pretty much inactive :( maybe that will change..

i am planning on moving to a big city in about a year once i graduate college. i have lived in virginia for all my life, and i really want to be out on my own and experience the city life. i am seriously considering either boston, or new york. anyone in the same boat?

ok.. i hope this place picks up! :)
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