Natalia (softy5310) wrote in relocat,

Got an urgent situation here.

My friend is really depressed and she was going to Stanford. She is blind and she is going to be living with my fiance and I, who are also blind, in Duluth Minnesota. She just sent in her leave of absense form today. She needs help moving out of Stanford in a couple weeks and finding room to store her things that she can't ship. She's planning on staying here with us for a year in Mn, but Stanford won't let her keep any of the stuff in the dorm. Do you know anyone who could help with shipping, boxing, any of that, or could you yourself? We have no one to help us and I don't honestly know what to do. My friend has to stay in Mn, because she's already been here for two weeks with my fiance and I and she can't leave the state, otherwise she won't qualify for Minnesota state insurance for a full thirty days when she gets back here. Right now, she's already got two weeks shaved off that time frame. She's on antidepressants and is off and on suicidal and she can't handle going back to Stanford and having to start the waiting to qualify for insurance over again. She can overnight the key to her room to anyone who can help out and would be glad to pay you back for shipping things, or anything. Please pass this along if you know anyone who can help out.
Thank You,
P.S. She doesn't have too much stuff, no like a whole Uhaul truckfull or anything.
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